Here is an overview of our services.

Product Portfolio at Goodstock

Goodstock provides highest quality resources for CGI (computer generated imagery) productions focusing mainly on the automotive industry. Our Products:


High quality background imagery for your automotive CGI production. Each single image has either an image-based or compatible HDRI. Most sets have an average of 6 different angles and perspectives.

360° HDRIs

Fully spherical high dynamic range imagery either used for lighting/reflections or as basis for 3D-environments. Most sets include multiple camera positions for every location.

FPO – For Position Only

Goodstock’s custom positioning software for layout and final positioning prior to rendering production. For detailed information please refer to the FPO pages.

Image Search

Goodstock’s search engine is a schema search, working with predefined search terms. We believe that this holds several benefits to our customers.

When used with only 1 or 2 of the Main Search Criteria, you will receive a very broad search result as inspiration. With Additional Search Criteria the result will ever narrow down, the counter on the lower left indicates, how many image sets fit your criteria.

Goodstock’s search engine is a schema search, working with predefined search terms. We believe that this holds several benefits to our customers.

Rule of thumb: As more criteria are added to a search, the lower the number of image sets found.

Briefed Image Search

Goodstock’s self-understanding is to be full-service provider around your CGI production, so if you are in a haste, have very little time on your hands or simply feel that Goodstock knows its own databank best: Send us your briefing including your deadline.

We will then put together a selection of our imagery including images that we have freshly received. And, if time permits, we will also contact our pool of experienced photographers, to see whether they have something up their sleeve.

Hear from you soon:

FPO View and FPO Web

In our backplate section above the search result, you will find two buttons: FPO View On/Off and Download FPO.

FPO – For Position Only – is Goodstock’s custom positioning software. Each backplate at Goodstock includes an image idea (pre-positioned, low resolution model) by the photographer. We are the only CGI image databank that immediately offers a view of a low-resolution layout for the final image.

FPOView ON/OFF toggles between the plain backplate and the image, as the photographer imagined it. Check it out and be inspired, but even better yet:

Download FPO, more precisely the Web version, which is free and can be used with lightboxes assembled at Goodstock and create your image ideas in our imagery. FPO Web is Mac only software and can be only be used with downloaded FPO lightboxes from Goodstock.


Licensing Images

Goodstock licenses images to customers for their marketing and advertising. For this purpose we individually price each image according to the specific needs of the customer. Therefore it is vital for us to receive very specific information, the following are the most important criteria:

- Target Market

- Media Use

- Territory

- Duration

- Industry

- Circulation

- Image Size

With this information, we are able to quote any given image, or you just do it yourself.

If you are interested in the image history, we will certainly provide it.

Location and Model Fees

Location and model fees may accrue according to the image subject. This will be indicated in the set view or gallery view of any given image. According to our General Terms and Conditions it is your duty to clear these images prior to use.

Model fees, where applicable, will be included immediately, because our policy with our photographers state, that these have to be negotiated prior to going online at Goodstock.

Location Fees are often set after the proprietor of the object has final information about what will be shown in the final image. Here, you have 2 options:

1. We deliver contact information for the object in the image to you and you negotiate the location fee yourself.

2. You leave it all to Goodstock for a small fee. Part of the Goodstock network are production companies that already assisted our photographers at the time of the shooting and in many cases have already worked out deals with the proprietors.

We just feel you ought to know: In the vast majority of cases, we will already have a location fee ready for you, because of prior negotiations with proprietors.

Pricing and Order Placement

This is an overview of how our pricing works:

In the backplate section, our images fall into 3 price categories, which represent a base price according to artistic value: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These base prices are afterwards multiplied by the factors governed by your selected license criteria. As a result, it certainly pays off to be very detailed in selecting licensing criteria.

When you have found the right combination of licenses, simply Add to Cart. In the cart you can store all your options, review your licenses and decide. To receive an official quote simply press Get Quote.

Within a matter of minutes you will receive an official quote with exactly the license and price that you have calculated. To place an order, please fill out the attached order form including all payment information.

Image Delivery

After receiving an official order Goodstock will prepare the data, upload it to one of its own servers and send a download-link that stays valid for 72 hours. If you prefer a different delivery method, please let us know.

Backplate are made available within a couple of hours. Our general policy is to deliver the image, as you have seen it on the website.

360 ° HDRIs are delivered within two working days after the order has been placed. This delay is due to final processing of the image and final quality control. Depending on the image, we can also include multiple versions of the HDRI for an additional fee, e.g. including a painted sun or rigged.

Photographer Post-Production Services

In our experience it is of great value to have the photographer at hand for support in post-production. For this reason Goodstock and its photographers offer 4 types of photographer post-production services:

1. Shoulder-View Supervision

Photographer supervises the positioning and comments on final rendering via email and telephone.

2. E-Mail/Telephone Supervision

Photographer supervises positioning, comments rendering stages, offers mood suggestions and briefs the post-production studio for retouching via email and telephone.

3. On-Site Supervision

Photographer supervises positioning, comments rendering stages, offers mood suggestions and briefs the post-production studio for retouching personally.

4. Rendering and Retouching by Photographer

Photographer takes full charge of the complete CGI production process, including choice of post-production studio, art direction and final delivery.

Please note: These services are subject to photographers’ availability.

Custom Photo Shoots

As mentioned earlier, Goodstock understands it self as full-service provider and offers its network of experienced photographers, production services, post-production studios and rendering houses to its clients.

Please contact us and we will work out an individual package that covers all your needs.


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